All submitted papers are formatted according to the paper template. you can the download the Template, authors, please follow the format to prepare your paper. This will make our publishing easier, it will also help the databases to index your paper.

Submitting a paper for publishing in the Journal is easy, you can simply send your paper as an email attachment to OR, please follow the author's guide on the format of the paper. We will send your paper for review to at least three experts in Related areas and make a decision as fast as we can.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by more than two expert referees in their relevancy to the call for paper. After refereeing process, all accepted papers will be published and the full text is online available.

The acceptance process is as follows:

First of all, check the paper format and theme, and then entering the technical review process according to the quality standards.

The paper will be submitted to two reviewers for review according to the content of the paper; two blind reviewers will make comments and revisions to the paper, and then give an acceptance or rejection.

The main reviewers are listed below:


The contact:Shaanxi Decimal Technology Department



address:No. 2 Middle Xuefu Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an, China

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