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A new generation of digital monitoring system based on the decimal network system has received new technology certification

Recently, Shanghai Jiu Yao Digital Network Co., Ltd. learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Science and Technology Novelty Search Consulting Center, based on the decimal network system of digital remote video surveillance system has obtained the novelty search qualification certification, the novelty search project's scientific and technological innovation points are:

1. Major innovations of decimal network:

1. On a decimal interconnection, the decimal system is used for all data transfers between the computer and the network except for the binary system.

2. It can be used as both IPv9 address, MAC address and can replace the existing English alphabet or other characters on the Internet such as Chinese domain name.

3. Digital DNS is compatible with the existing Internet (IPv4 network, IPv6 network) English domain name resolution.

4. Digital domain names are resolved into IP addresses through the Digital Domain Name Root Server. Using 2 to the power of 256 address length, the domain name and address will not repeat for 750 years.

5. Based on personal IP address can be used for: personal home page, FTP service, IP phone and video phone (computer to computer) and ID card, tax invoice, logistics code, etc.

II. Features of Video Surveillance System

1. With the decimal network technology, the system is independent, safe, controllable and interconnects with the existing Internet.

2. Independently developed core equipment and software technology, system architecture has independent intellectual property rights.

3. Support a variety of access mode, especially the use of CDMA1X and digital domain name technology combined access mode, can use the mobile CDMA data network to achieve anytime and anywhere, convenient, reliable, clear mobile monitoring.

4. Use point-to-point communication technology to save bandwidth resources and system costs.

5. It has a high performance-price ratio.

Two key technologies:

A main technical key, is to establish in a use of Internet/Intranet technology, the development of the formation of digital domain name technology, and the construction of digital domain name system network. It is a controllable and manageable carrier-level network for global users, which is constructed on the basis of the existing public network, including telecommunication network, cable television network, wireless network, satellite network, computer network, etc. It, together with IPv9 protocol cluster represented by decimal algorithm and text, constitutes a decimal - able network system.

The digital domain name system device is an embodiment of the invention patent ZL98122785.6, which is based on the method of assigning addresses to computers on the Internet by using full character code. The system device consists of a set of subsystems including providing digital domain name resolution, domain name navigation, E-mail and so on. Among them, DDNS digital domain name resolution system provides accurate and fast domain name forward resolution, reverse resolution, Cache setting, hierarchical resolution and other functions for all kinds of online users and various multimedia services.

Another key technology is the combination of wireless CDMA and digital domain names. Give full play to the advantages of CDMA1X network in high speed data transmission, such as telling, flexibility and wide network coverage. Traditional wireless data transmission communication, mainly through satellites and microwaves, not only high cost, and in the wind and rain can be, the data transmission will be interrupted or distorted.

Technically, the CDMA1X network is still a client/server model. The server can only be the Internet server of the operator or the agent of the operator, but not the mobile user terminal, that is to say, mobile users can "get" the information on the public network, but can not "publish" their own information. Through the combination of CDMA1X and digital domain name, the tunnel agent technology is used to solve the problem of penetrating LAN gateway, so that users from the Internet can directly access the user terminal via CDMA1X wireless access through the digital domain name system device.

It can be seen that the decimal network is no longer just in the laboratory, but has gradually begun to step into the life of the ordinary people, and is no longer an unattainable network technology achievement for the ordinary people. It will go deeper and deeper into the life of the ordinary people and benefit the people.


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