Research on the System Structure of IPV9 Based on

Research on the System Structure of IPV9 Based on TCP/IP/M

Xie Jianping  Zhong Wei

Chinese Decimal Network Working Group

Shanghai Decimal System Network Information Technology Ltd.

13386036170@189.cn, 13331860961@189.cn

Abstract: Network system structure is the basis of network communication. The design of network model can change the network structure from the root, solve the deficiency of the original network system, and meet the new demand of the future network. TCP/IP as the core network technology is successful, it has shortcomings but is a reasonable existence, will continue to play a role. Considering the compatibility with the original network, the new network model needs to be compatible with the existing TCP/IP four-layer model, at the same time; it can provide a better technical system to implement the future network. Based on the Internet three-layer/four-layer hybrid architecture TCP/IP/M and ISO/IEC next-generation Internet standard solutions, this paper proposes the IPV9 system architecture, which can directly transmit audio and video data with three layers on the premise of not affecting the existing four-layer network transmission. The hybrid structure is a new transmission theory, which requires the establishment of a link before data transmission and the withdrawal of the link after the transmission is completed. It solves the problem of high-quality real-time media communication caused by the integration of three networks (communication network,  broadcasting network and Internet) from the underlying structure of the network, realizes the long-distance and large-traffic data transmission of the future network, and lays a solid foundation for the digital currency and virtual currency of the Internet. The system framework is verified by practical application. It have been deployed to verify the compatibility and reliable transmission between IPV9 network and the existing network, under the independent, reliable, secure and controllable network architecture, a new generation of master root server and 13 root domain name servers.
Keywords: TCP/IP/M; Next Generation Internet; IPV9; Big Data Stream


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